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Claire's Keepsakes

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Home rss submit archive formspring exit theme this blog can be triggering. Please read the rules and faq before submitting. Ask is closed. 6600 secrets backlog sorry looking for mods, please email to eds. Confessions@gmail. Com about/contact rules & faq get help support ( others like you) recommend 1/3528â» 23 minutes ago 3: 30 am 10 october 2012 56592) i hate eating in front of my dad. It’s like he’s silently judging me. 31 notes 37 minutes ago 3: 15 am 10 october 2012 56591) it’s been so long since i last starved or purged. Not only have i gained back all the weight that i lost, but i gained back so much more. The books aren’t lying when they say this is an endless cycle. Starve-eat-starve-eat-purge-starve-eat. I feel like i will never be able to maintain a healthy weight in this lifetime. I’m feeling hopeless. I need help but just i don’t want it. 47 notes 1 hour ago 2: 41 am 10 october 2012 56590) i landed a photography gig. So after a really busy day at work i went to the party. I had forgotten to eat. I couldn’t take the heat and the people and the pressure and i passed out. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life. 15 notes 1 hour ago 2: 17 am 10 october 2012 56589) i almost bumped into a car. I was too busy looking at my collarbones on the rear-view mirror. 18 notes 2 hours ago 1: 47 am 10 october 2012 56588) i just found out that purging doesn’t get rid of all the calories consumed. I have never been so terrified in my life. 47 notes 2 hours ago 1: 14 am 10 october 2012 56587) i wish someone understood how much i’m suffering. 182 notes 3 hours ago 12: 53 am 10 october 2012 56586) i remember being x years old, shoving food down my throat, then crying because i couldn’t throw up and wanting to be skinny like my bulimic skating coach. Well here i am, y years later, bingeing and purging excesively, been hospitalized, depressed, doing drugs, a high school drop out & thinner than ever. What have i done to myself? 25 notes 3 hours ago 12: 23 am 10 october 2012 56585) you know something’s wrong with your head when you start fasting without even realizing that you’re doing it. 71 notes 4 hours ago 11: 22 pm 09 october 2012 56584) i don’t want to be skinny to make people like me, i don’t want to be skinny because society (supposedly) thinks it’s beautiful. I want to be skinny because i want to look sick and f*cked up. viagra for sale buy viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy generic viagra online pharmacy buy viagra from india viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription Because that’s how i look on the inside. 254 notes 4 hours ago 11: 00 pm 09 october 2012 56583) people at work try to push food on me and ask why i don’t eat, even the waitress started to have me eat before i leave. But my own mother tells me i eat more than her and that i “went to hell on those pickles. .

Welcome to Claire's Keepsakes - and thank you for visiting!

My name is Claire and I offer a range of Keepsakes including Fingerprints, miniature footprints, handprints and paw prints captured in fine 99.9% silver, framed silver/copper keepsakes and raised impressions of handprints, footprints and pawprints in and around Westbury in Wiltshire.

Whether you are after a gift for someone special or something to treasure for yourself I am here to help.

All my work is bespoke so please feel free to contact me with any ideas for that special keepsake.

I look forward to being able to create that special keepsake for you soon.

Claire xx

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